100 Days of Mail

me making sure that letter got in there

me making sure that letter got in there

I started another 100 Day Project a couple weeks ago! Some of you may know of my past projects of climbing 100 trees in 100 days and writing haiku everyday for 100 straight days. Both of those projects led to some wonderful insights, incredible experiences, and great memories. Most of all I feel those project pushed me to get more out of everyday, be more creative, and enriched my life. So I have been looking for another unique project that excites me, pushes me, and takes me to new territory.

While driving home a couple weeks back it came to me - put something in the mail everyday for 100 days and see what happens. My only rule for this project is I have to put something, anything in the mail. So that can be letters, notes, postcards, packages, parcels, etc. And like I said, I'm about two weeks in. 

I've started by mostly writing letters to family and friends. In the the letters I ask everyone at least one question, such as, what is your biggest struggle right now, what keeps you motivated to work hard, what are you most proud of, what are you most excited about right now? and so on. 

It's been very cool. I feel more bold and open with people as I write these letters. I've wondered why. At first, I thought it might be because the paper and postal service feel like a safer way to communicate, a more secure means of expression than digital forms that make it so easy to copy and spread information. But I don't think that's it. I believe it's more that writing letters by hand makes me slow down and ponder. It causes me to reflect more on who this person is to me. Also, there's something special about a hand-written note nowadays. Its rarity seems to make it an appropriate place to express feelings that I don't always share. I think I could have the same experience writing a text or an email but for me the letter writing experiment has done the trick and has already led me to feel some profound emotions of love and gratitude. 

So would you like to get something in the mail? If you send me your address, I promise I will send you something in the mail. You can reach me by email (kenneth.bills@gmail.com) or through my contact page. This is going to be fun!

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