50 Haiku and Counting - The experience so far

haiku 37/100

haiku 37/100

This week I hit day 50 of my 100 days of haiku. Which means for the last 50+ days I have written at least one haiku everyday.

You know when your older sister gets a new car and then you start seeing that car everywhere? Well that's kind of like what happens when you start writing haiku everyday, you start hearing and seeing haiku everywhere. 

Someone says a word or phrase that stands out to me and I write haiku in my brain. I see an image that strikes me. The light on the trees, the glitter in the snow, the color of the fire and I write haiku in my brain. I'll hear a sound, have a thought, make a memory, and I'll think, "that's going to be a haiku." Haiku has shown up everywhere these last 50 days. My commitment to write them daily has trained me to look for them in everything. From the garbage truck to my heart beat, it has all become inspiration for word exploration.

I roll words over and over again in my mind's mouth listening to them, trying them on with cacophonies and metaphors. I find my fingers ticking away on my leg, counting syllables, hoping to hit the 5 or 7 or 5 again. It feels like magic when something connects, you know, like it's meant to be. Some of them are more of a chore, requiring several tries and retries before it makes sense. But overall, I really enjoy writing them. They are like little word puzzles, a daily creative exercise. And as I shift syllables and words around, its become play to see what I can create. 

But probably my favorite consequence of this experiment so far is that it has made me pay more attention to the world around me. I'm constantly looking for inspiration and that has created an increased awareness and mindfulness of what's around me and what I'm feeling. I believe I'm better because of this. 

So I'm excited to see what more this daily ritual will help me discover in the next 50ish days. In the mean time, you all should give haiku a try. Just try writing a few for fun. 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. Those are the rules I'm following. And then share them in the comments below. That would be awesome! 

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Here are some more from the last several weeks: