The Best Memories of My Life


As I reflected on the last year and meditated about what I want out of 2016 my thoughts came to some questions: What has brought about the best memories of my life? What guiding principles cause these moments to happen? What elements, if any, link them all together? How did they happen and how can I live to ensure that I will make more of the best memories of my life happen this coming year? 

I started to make a list:

  • Leaving my comfort zone.
  • Hard work, consistency, discipline, sacrifice, yeah sometimes tons of sacrifice. 
  • Love was felt greatly, deeply.
  • Learning new things.
  • When I felt most alive, at my best, when I acted true to the sounds within me.
  • When I experienced something incredible like a concert where someone else shared/presented their talents, dedication, and hard work very well. 
  • I felt valued, that I had made a difference in someone's life.
  • My cheekbones ached from laughing so much.
  • Planned and unplanned, sometimes spontaneous   

Then I made another list:

  • Mindless time on instagram, facebook, youtube or TV
  • sleeping in
  • indulging 
  • procrastination
  • selfishness
  • giving in to fear

Nothing surprising here. But something about writing these lists has truly motivated me to live better this next year. I have found value in delineating which elements make the foundation of my life's fullest, most precious moments. Those moments that when my life is boiled down, they are the substance left behind, the salt that gives my life its worth. And decloaking the self-induced demons that get in the way of making life memorable, gives me strength to fight their medicine of mediocrity and remorse that I swallowed too much of this last year.

So my goal this next year is this: to focus on the first list, to find the details and disciplines that will keep me converging on these elements, to live a life so full it crowds out the lies and lazy, or in other words, to live the best year of my life. 

So here's to a new year, to getting up before sunrise, to staying up late in great conversation, to many miles under foot and in the air, to saying yes, to doing it now, to places I've never been, to friends and family, to laughter without regrets, to real change, to learning, to faith, and to the next best memories of my life!

What has brought about the best memories of your life? Would love to hear about it in the comments. Thanks!