A cidade


For the last installment of my National Poetry Month series, I want to go back to Mozambique. Last week, as I wrote a new poem reflecting on my time studying the life and work of the great poets of that magnificent land, I kept thinking back to my own poems I wrote there. I wondered what happened to them and what I would think of them now. 

Well, I managed to track down my notebook and found those poems. Reviewing those words brought back a load of memories, long stored away. I'm so grateful for that notebook and the time I took, years ago, to write out some of my thoughts in the form of poems. They act like tiny, lyrical time machines, taking me back to my sensitivities, abilities, and visions of the past. 

Today I bring you one of those poems, my favorite of those I wrote. This poem describes the capital city of Mozambique, Maputo. 


a cidade

the corners of the buildings
soaking up the blood of the dirt
the elements reclaiming their origins
as they erode under the unnatural
the beach breathes and sneezes
itself into everywhere
the trees, the most diligent of all protestors
crackling, grandpa-facing the concrete
the dark rivers dry, regulated
by levies of light
carry on their mechanical osmosis
the first and secondhand burnt offerings
birth ghost wandering for lungs to haunt
the beige balances the black
the green scabs the wound
the blue begs for attention
the roughness of life rounds
the corners and cracks, everywhere

and with my tiny bones amplified by stethoscope
I hear a heart murmur

Well that concludes a month of poetry. Hope you've enjoyed it and you can count on more coming in the future. If you want to read all the poetry posts from this last month check out the links below.

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