Spring, when the earth leans forward in her lawn chair, puts her face back into the radiation. 93 million miles, the life force comes, and begins to crack through the cold. This cosmic alarm clock ringing biological bells in flower beds and branches all over our hemisphere.

Tulips’ reluctant curves pull back dirt drapes and begin their dance. The arbor association throws their annual New Year’s party, tossing their confetti from the limbs of cherry, apricot, and magnolia.  The bee answers the peacocking and comes to help the springtime courting in exchange for sweet, gold rewards. Avalanches turn from white to water and race towards streams, rivers, and reservoirs, the fuel of dry days ahead. 

Fingers and noses taste the return of the light, anticipation in everything. Angst bounces in our heels for late-night sunlight, bike rides, and blossoms. The tide of temperature finds a brief balance, the way Goldilocks would want it, inviting our snowy skin out to find new freckles. 

Pallets of pre-planted flowers make their way to new homes to take their rest in beds around the neighborhood, putting color back into the world. Dust’s lease of nooks and crannies expires. Enforced by mop and Windex the annual eviction of winter debris commences while sales of tissues and antihistamines reach their peak.

Parents unlock sheds, the hibernation now over. With the pull of a string, they bring blue-breathed beasts back to life. Roaring with their mouths full, these lawn lions devastate, domesticate our yards and parkways.

Bells ring one last time, exhausted notebooks take their rest, books return to their corrals, and finals count their casualties.  Pupils step onto life’s great springboards wearing curtains and mortarboards. Their brains full of new formulas and theories, facts and doubts, portfolios and resumes. The hustle begins for another class.

As we put away our sweaters, hang up our jackets, we can hear it. Just over the horizon, summer’s romantic calls come. And with every spring sunset its perfume goes warmer, its watermelon seduction calling us all out to play.

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